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Doge's Palace of Venice

Doge’s Palace Of Venice: Best Tips For Visiting In 2023

The Doge’s Palace of Venice (or Palazzo Ducale di Venezia) is one of the most stunning monuments in Italy. Also known as the Ducal Palace, it’s considered a masterpiece of Venetian Gothic architecture! The Doge’s Palace of Venice was built in the 14th and 15th centuries to serve as the residence of the Doge – the leader and first magistrate of the Republic of Venice. And in the 16th century, it continued to be renovated, receiving decorative elements typical of the Renaissance and Mannerism!

Palace of Monserrate

Palace Of Monserrate: Best Tips For Visiting In 2023

The Palace of Monserrate is one of the many existing palaces in Sintra, Portugal. And although it’s not as visited as the famous National Palace of Pena, the Palace of Monserrate is well worth a visit! This estate is the perfect example of Romanticism in Portugal and what eclectic life would have been like in the 19th century. In addition, its “exotic” architecture mixes Gothic, Indian, and Moorish influences, blending perfectly with a botanical park where species from all over the world grow!

Alhambra of Granada

Alhambra Of Granada: Best Tips For Visiting In 2023

Did you know that the Alhambra of Granada is the most visited attraction in Spain? The monumental complex has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1984 and includes the Generalife Palace & Gardens, the Alcazaba, the Nasrid Palaces, and the Partal Palace & Gardens. 10 years later, the classification was extended to the historic district of Albayzín, which offers the best views over the Alhambra. Discover all the history in this travel guide, with tips about opening hours, prices, and accesses!

Palace of Versailles

Palace Of Versailles: Best Tips For Visiting In 2023

Get to know the Palace of Versailles (UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979) and spend a perfect day in the monumental domain of the famous Louis XIV. In the suburbs of Paris, about forty minutes from the French capital, Versailles was the center of the power of the Ancien Régime and the Absolute Monarchy in France and Europe, for more than a century. Stroll through the corridors and gardens of one of the most visited sites in France, with over 10 million tourists per year!

Palace of Fontainebleau

Palace Of Fontainebleau: Best Tips For Visiting In 2023

Get to know the Palace of Fontainebleau (UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1981) and spend a different and inspiring day, just forty minutes away from Paris! In the center of a huge forest in the Île-de-France, Fontainebleau was the hunting residence of the kings of France since the 12th century. Inspired by Italian models, a cross between Renaissance art and French traditions, the Palace became the official residence of Napoleon Bonaparte, during the First French Empire!

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