10 Must-Do Attractions At Disneyland Paris

Currently, Disneyland Paris has more than fifty attractions spread across Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. Among so many options, it seems difficult to decide and prioritize the most interesting ones, although these are the ones I try to do whenever I visit the parks.

But trust me, I’m not the only one with this opinion. In reality, there’s a list of attractions that are classified by the French entertainment resort itself as “Not to be missed”. And it was exactly from this category that I selected the best of the best!

So, do you want to know more about the 10 Must-Do Attractions At Disneyland Paris? Keep reading!

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Must-Do Attractions at Disneyland Paris
Must-Do Attractions at Disneyland Paris

1. Pirates of the Caribbean

The first of the must-do attractions at Disneyland Paris is called Pirates of the Caribbean. Did you know that this dark ride, located in Adventureland, inspired the “Pirates of the Caribbean” (2003-2017) movie franchise? So I think it’s time to start singing “Yo Ho (A Pirate’s Life for Me)”!

First of all, the waiting line enters a fortress, revealing dungeons with skeletons before embarking. And right after the start of the tour, it’s possible to take a look at the exotic food restaurant Captain Jack’s – Restaurant des Pirates.

A popular option among families, this attraction has, in general, queues of around 30-45 minutes. Nevertheless, it’s recommended to do it at the end of the day, when the waiting time tends to decrease.

Finally, your boat adventure ends at the shop Le Coffre du Capitaine, where you can buy your photograph of the attraction, thanks to the Photopass system. In this souvenir shop, you’ll also find a lot of merchandise from the movies and anything related to pirates in general.

2. Phantom Manor

First of all, do you have the “courage” to ride this attraction? Installed on top of a small hill in Frontierland, this dark ride represents a type of building very famous in amusement parks and popular fairs: the haunted house.

Immediately after the initial part of the narration and walking between various rooms and corridors, here comes the best part. Thus, the journey continues in “doom buggies”, traversing the recesses of this old mansion inhabited by ghosts.

Phantom Manor is one of those attractions with a legion of its own fans, where waiting times in line are quite fluctuating. Try to do it during “dead” times, that is, during meals, parades, or other shows. Am I being too literal, perhaps?

On the other hand, the tour ends at Boot Hill, a cemetery full of funny and curious details, many of them related to the attraction. These are mainly references to the Imagineers who worked on the construction of Phantom Manor!

3. Big Thunder Mountain

The first roller coaster on this list of must-do attractions at Disneyland Paris is located on an artificial lake, in the middle of Frontierland. In fact, Big Thunder Mountain is my favorite attraction and, from my perspective, decidedly the best of all at Disneyland Paris.

The excursion takes place on a runaway train, with many falls and twists, that runs along the tracks of an old gold mine. Still, it’s quite suitable for the whole family, with a minimum height requirement of just 102 cm.

Due to its prominence in the park, the waiting lines are ridiculously long throughout the day. In fact, ridiculously long is saying little, believe me. Therefore, if you want, you can buy a Disney Premier Access for 16€ (per person)!

At the end of the trip, you can still go to the Big Thunder Photographer and buy a photograph of the attraction, integrated with the Photopass system.

4. Peter Pan’s Flight

The third dark ride on the list of the must-do attractions at Disneyland Paris, this time installed in Fantasyland, is based on the story of the “boy who didn’t want to grow up”. As the name implies, Peter Pan’s Flight highlights some of the most iconic scenes from the Disney classic, “Peter Pan” (1953).

Onboard “flying”-pirate boats, this is a tour that recreates various landscapes of London and Neverland in miniature, in the same way, that evokes the traditional and longing fairy tales.

Despite having the Disney Premier Access service for 14€ (per person), tickets are among the first to sell out, due to the great popularity of the attraction. In addition, its capacity is greatly reduced, which intensifies the waiting lines.

My advice is to try to ride it early in the morning, or just before Fantasyland closes. If you choose the second option, you can enjoy the beauty of the buildings at dusk and take stunning photos!

5. “it’s a small world”

Of all the dark rides, this is undoubtedly the ultimate Disney classic! Located at the back of Fantasyland, it’s surrounded by colorful scenery and contagious music. And outside, the façade itself also deserves a few minutes of pure contemplation.

Therefore, several scenes with boys and animals from around the world are revealed during a slow boat ride. This is one of those attractions recommended for people of any age, as it represents the nostalgic essence of Disney.

Regardless of its fame, it does not usually have long queues, due to the large capacity of the boats and the fast boarding. On top of that, did you know that this is actually a great place to watch the daytime parade?

Well, don’t be surprised if you spend the rest of the day singing the iconic chorus “It’s a small world, after all, It’s a small, small world”. I think if that happens, it’s because my mission has been successfully accomplished!

6. Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast

Now, another dark ride, currently at the entrance of Discoveryland. Presuming by its name, this one is inspired by the “Toy Story” universe (1995-2019) and combines a typical game of popular fairs (laser shots) with spinning vehicles.

The goal is to hit as many targets as possible, to defeat the evil Emperor Zurg. In other words, each vehicle has two pistols, triggering a friendly competition for the best aim of the Galactic Alliance.

For all ages, but especially appreciated by the little ones, it has long waiting times throughout the day. If you want to avoid the lines, consider purchasing a Disney Premier Access for €11 (per person).

On the way out, you can stop to admire your “space” photography at Star Command Photographers and visit the Constellations shop. This is a commercial space with a lot of merchandise not only from Pixar but also from Marvel.

7. Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain

This indoor roller coaster is the big highlight of Discoveryland. And by the name, it’s easy to see that this is an excursion through the famous “Star Wars” universe. So, get ready to travel to the center of a space battle between good and evil.

With an imposing appearance, the Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain includes a section of the track outside and several inversions. But the adrenaline goes off right at the start of the trip, revealing an innovative propulsion system that mimics rocketships!

This is the only attraction at Disneyland Park that offers the Single Rider service, in addition to the Disney Premier Access (for 16€, per person). Now, the Single Rider is an opportunity to ride in places that were not occupied by families or groups.

So don’t miss out on this double opportunity to skip the lines! The attraction ends at Light Speed Photography, where visitors can buy a souvenir photograph, also thanks to the Photopass system.

8. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Do you want to discover a unique and different attraction at Disneyland Paris? The Tower of Terror is a freefall ride that is part of the Walt Disney Studios Park. It’s located in the Production Courtyard themed area and is based on the North American television series “The Twilight Zone” (1959-1964).

In short, the story takes place in an abandoned hotel, whose elevator has broken down. However, it’s not suitable for the faint-hearted! Just to illustrate, throughout the park, screams of horror can be heard from the tower itself!

The Tower of Terror has always been a fan favorite, especially in the secondary park. This is because Walt Disney Studios alone has a very reduced number of attractions. For that reason, you might want to consider purchasing a Disney Premier Access for €14 (per person).

The bumpy trip ends in the Tower Hotel Gifts shop if you wish to purchase your “freefall” photo. At the same time, they have available countless exclusive products and souvenirs, inspired by the attraction itself.

9. Crush’s Coaster

The last roller coaster on the list of must-do attractions at Disneyland Paris is surprisingly a spinning one! Crush’s Coaster belongs to the Toon Studio in the second park and is an absolutely unique attraction worldwide. As you can see from the title, it pays homage to “Finding Nemo” (2003), the winner of the Oscar for Best Animated Film.

Inside a turtle shell, you will slide along the Australian Great Barrier Reef, between dives and curves. Along the way, you meet the relaxed Crush and other friends of Nemo, Marlin, and Dory.

In my opinion, this attraction is really worth it, but unfortunately, it doesn’t have Disney Premier Access. With a very low load capacity, prepare to wait 45-60 minutes, at least. So, we just have to cross our fingers and wait for them to add this option…

And although the Single Rider service is available, the queue does not differ much, with constant waiting times of 30-45 minutes.

10. Ratatouille: The Adventure

Finally, one of the best dark rides – if not the best – at Disneyland Paris: Ratatouille! A tribute to the movie “Ratatouille” (2007), winner of the Oscar for Best Animated Film, is an attraction of the Toon Studio that excels in creativity.

Using 3D glasses, the trip is made in vehicles that run without rails, while we are “reduced” to the size of mice. It’s about a multisensory adventure, combining sounds, smells, and other unexpected sensations.

Fortunately for you, it’s one of the attractions that include both Disney Premier Access (for 14€, per person) and Single Rider systems. For that motive, not only should you do it, but it’s advisable to repeat it over and over again. Believe that you won’t regret a single second!

The end of the attraction reveals the Bistrot Chez Rémy restaurant, where the furniture and decoration are represented on a “peculiar” scale. If you have the opportunity, make a reservation for lunch, so you can get to know all the details of this space!

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