Best Places to Visit in Belgium

10 Best Places To Visit In Belgium (Besides Brussels)

At first glance, Belgium may seem like a non-touristy country – especially when compared to other European nations such as Italy, France, Spain, or Portugal. However, Belgium has several centuries of artistic and cultural traditions, which can still be observed today! And because it’s such a small country, it’s also very easy to explore all the destinations on this bucket list on a road trip. Or if you prefer, you can choose to stay in Brussels or Antwerp and visit the other cities on day trips!

Belgian Cuisine

The Best Of Belgian Cuisine: What To Eat And Drink In Belgium

Do you want to know what to eat and drink in Belgium? Belgian cuisine is full of original, creative, and delicious options, from quick snacks and fresh desserts to “comfort food” dishes. Not to mention the yummy chocolates and fries! If you’re thinking about visiting Belgium, get ready to discover the best of Belgian cuisine, through traditional snacks, starters, appetizers, soups, dishes, desserts, drinks, and cocktails. Bon Appétit and Bon Voyage!

Liège Itinerary

1 Day In Liège: The Perfect Liège Itinerary

Would you like to visit Liège, the most peculiar city in eastern Belgium? Located in the Belgian region of Wallonia, Liège is the perfect stop on a cultural road trip across the country, apart from being at a minimum distance from other countries, like Germany and the Netherlands. You really have to get this city guide for a day outdoors, enjoying all the history, culture, and gastronomy that Liège has to offer. In addition, it includes an ideal itinerary to do on foot, alone, or with someone!

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