Vatican City

Vatican City Itinerary

1 Day In Vatican City: The Perfect Vatican City Itinerary

Vatican City (in Latin, Civitas Vaticana; and in Italian, Città del Vaticano) is a sovereign city-state situated in Rome. With just over 40 hectares, its foundation dates back to the Roman Empire, when Saint Peter was crucified on the spot. And, since then, the Vatican became the biggest and most important Catholic sanctuary! Nowadays, the perfect Vatican City itinerary includes visiting the Vatican Museums, strolling through Saint Peter’s Square, and entering Saint Peter’s Basilica!

Saint Peter's Basilica

How To Visit Saint Peter’s Basilica In 2023

Saint Peter’s Basilica is the largest and most important church in the Catholic religion. Located in Vatican City State (or Holy See, the seat of the Catholic Church), it’s one of the main pilgrimage centers in the world. Besides, it was built between the 16th and 17th centuries in the monumental Saint Peter’s Square and had the collaboration of some of the most renowned artists of the Renaissance and Baroque, such as Donato Bramante, Michelangelo, Raffaello Sanzio, and Gian Lorenzo Bernini!

Vatican Museums

Vatican Museums: Best Tips For Visiting In 2023

The Vatican Museums are the third most visited museum in the world and the second most visited in Europe, after the Louvre. Besides, they’re the fifth largest museum in the world and the third-largest in Europe, with 43,000 m2 of exhibition space! A visit to the Vatican Museums is highly recommended if you’re in Rome, so take this guide with you. You’ll get the essential information (such as opening hours, prices, and accesses), a list of the must-see works of art, and lots of other tips!

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