Niklosmaart (St Nicholas Market): Christmas Market In Luxembourg

St Nicholas Market (in Luxembourgish, Niklosmaart; in French, Marché Saint-Nicolas; and in German, Nikolausmarkt) is a Christmas market in Luxembourg, the capital of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (in Luxembourgish, Groussherzogtum Lëtzebuerg; in French, Grand-Duché of Luxembourg; and in German, Großherzogtum Luxemburg).

Luxembourg (in Luxembourgish, Lëtzebuerg; in French, Luxembourg; and in German, Luxemburg) celebrates every year the “Winterlights”, a Christmas festival that transforms the city into an authentic “Winter Wonderland”. And St Nicholas Market is one of the main Christmas markets, with food chalets, souvenir stalls, themed attractions, and lots of activities for the whole family!

So, do you want to know more about the Niklosmaart (St Nicholas Market): Christmas Market In Luxembourg? Keep reading!

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St Nicholas Market
St Nicholas Market

How to Get to the Niklosmaart (St Nicholas Market)

St Nicholas Market takes place on Place de Paris, a square very close to the Luxembourg Railway Station (in Luxembourgish, Gare Lëtzebuerg; in French, Gare Centrale de Luxembourg; and in German, Bahnhof Luxemburg).

Since this is the main train, bus, and tram station in Luxembourg, I recommend that you save its location on your smartphone!

Leaving Place de la Gare, you only have to walk along Avenue de la Liberté for about 700 meters to reach the Niklosmaart. But you can also opt for the tram, which stops right at “Paräisser Plaz / Place de Paris”.

Practical Information

St Nicholas Market opened on November 19th, 2021, and will remain on Place de Paris until January 2nd, 2022. It’s open every day (except on December 24th and 25th) from 11 am to 10 pm (Sunday to Thursday) and from 11 am to 11 pm (Fridays and Saturdays).

Access to the market is free, but due to the current situation, it’s mandatory to show a COVID-19 Certificate before entering the venue. The three types of certificates recognized by the European Union are accepted: Vaccination, Testing, or Recovery.

After carrying out the health check, you’ll receive a colored bracelet, which is valid for the rest of the day and allows you to enter all CovidCheck zones of the “Winterlights”. To find out more about CovidCheck, check out the Ville de Luxembourg official website.

What to Do at the Niklosmaart (St Nicholas Market)


The Niklosbam is a giant Christmas pine tree, 20 meters tall (including the star on top). Placed in the center of the Niklosmaart, it’s the main attraction of the Place de Paris, due to its amount of lights and decorations in shades of red and gold.

Interestingly, the Niklosbam serves as a roof to one of the 12 wooden chalets at St Nicholas Market – which makes it seem even taller!

At its base are scattered gifts and Christmas figures (Santa Claus, elves, reindeer, nutcrackers, etc.), which will certainly amaze the young ones.

Dem Kleesche Säin Haus

Of the three Christmas markets I visited in Luxembourg in 2021 (St Nicholas Market, Winter Market, and Luxembourg Christmas Market) this was the only one where it was possible to meet in person and take pictures with Santa Claus (in Luxembourgish, Kleeschen).

Santa Claus (or St. Nicholas) is in his “grotto” every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, between 3 pm and 5 pm – but only from November 20th to December 4th. During these get-togethers, the children can give him their wish lists for Christmas and, if they’ve been well-behaved, they’ll receive a reward!


The Kettenflieger is a very characteristic attraction of popular fairs, which is known in English as the “swing ride” or “chair swing ride”.

At the Niklosmaart, the Kettenflieger is significantly smaller than the swing rides that usually exist in other Christmas markets (such as the one at the Tuileries Garden, in Paris) – making it a ride for all ages.

Also, have you noticed the vintage decor? This carousel is not only one of the best attractions of St Nicholas Market, but it also seems to make us travel back in time!

What to Drink at the Niklosmaart (St Nicholas Market)

Just like the Christmas markets in other European countries such as France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Czechia, Austria, or Switzerland, the Luxembourg Christmas markets are very popular because of their festive beverages.

Here, you can taste the famous “Mulled Wine” – better known as “Vin Chaud” or “Glühwein” (the French and German terms, respectively). And, if you prefer a non-alcoholic drink, you can always opt for the traditional Hot Chocolate!

When you buy a hot beverage at St Nicholas Market, you have to pay a deposit for the mug (around €2-€4). But you can also keep the mug as a souvenir. I did that and ended up getting a special memento from “Winterlights” and Luxembourg!

What to Eat at the Niklosmaart (St Nicholas Market)

As you would expect, the Niklosmaart (or St Nicholas Market) is not just about drinks and cocktails. In fact, one of the great attractions is the hundreds of European delicacies on sale!

Waffles, crepes, churros, cookies, gingerbread, nuts, and candy are just some of the sweet options. If you prefer hot dishes or savory snacks, you have soups, hamburgers, and these special recommendations:

  • Bratwurst – German grilled sausage made from pork and beef. It’s usually served on bread with the typical hot dog sauces (ketchup, mayonnaise, and spicy or sweet mustard)
  • Currywurst – this fast food dish is a Bratwurst variety, except the sausage is seasoned with curry (hence the name). It can be served as a hot dog, or without the bread but with french fries to go with it
  • Gromperekichelcher – these crunchy potato dumplings are a Luxembourg specialty. Fried with potatoes, onions, eggs, and parsley, they are usually served with applesauce. There’s also a variation that uses sweet potatoes instead of regular potatoes
  • Käsewurst (or Käsekrainer) – sausage of Austrian origin, made with pork and Emmental cheese. Like German sausages, Käsewurst is sold on a hot dog bun or with French fries

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